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Oh, looky looky! [Mar. 10th, 2007|10:32 pm]
The Network
[Current Mood |devious]

Did the silence disturb you?

Did you really think that I had left you?

What nonsense! I have returned and have brought with me good tidings of great joy! Behold, Upzyte has chosen a new spokesman!


(OOC: The contents of the video, which was, of course, hacked onto their site by P3, is under the cut.)

An image of Bill with a big friggin' grin on his face.

"Oh, look! There's Bill McKenzie again! He's enjoying the big lift of happiness that he gets from Upzyte!"

It shows Bill by a chart, indicating that Pokemon populations are increasing.

"He's loving the huge swell of confidence that it brings!"

Then it shows Bill standing proudly, with the camera cutting off at his waistline. Numerous other researchers are looking quite jealous.

"And the rising respect from all of his colleagues!"

Close up of Bill. He winks. Then it shows Blue, looking quite happy and content while gazing at him.

"Yes, Bill has learned that Upzyte always has firm and long-lasting results! So call today, and we'll send you a free sample kit including Upzyte Stimulant Rub as an added bonus! What're you waiting for? Don't stand there like a limp noodle - pick up the phone and discover the quick and easy way to natural male enhancement!"


[User Picture]From: domino009
2007-03-14 10:32 pm (UTC)
...I don't even want to *know* how you made that.
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